Designing in DevTools Talk

Through different examples in this talk I hope to convince you that DevTools is a great place to design for the web, and should be your go-to tool for writing CSS.

A More Subtle WordPress Admin Bar

I’ve always found the WordPress admin bar a bit annoying. It can definitely be handy for editing pages while browsing but I tend to turn it off because it gets in the way of “seeing the site how visitors see it”. In this tutorial we’ll leave the toolbar where it is, so if WordPress adds or removes anything in future we won’t have any problems. But we’ll subtly hide it by default, fading it in when users hover at the top of the page.

Serving Adaptive Images to Visitors

With the accelerated growth of mobile devices + high-resolution screens we’ve got a problem on our hands - serving whopping high-resolution images by default to all devices. Until responsive images arrive Matt Wilcox has come up with a great solution for the time being, which he calls Adaptive Images.

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