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The Ongoing Nature of Websites

I’ve had more than one client come to me recently to say that the website I designed for them isn’t quite doing what they want it to do. Although they didn’t come out and say it, I couldn’t help but feel like they were disappointed and that their website’s broken.

In contrast to their mood, I’m often delighted—and not because it’s an opportunity to charge them, but because this is what I expect to happen with every project—through adding more content and using the website themselves, the client has come to realise their explicit requirements and higher ambitions.

Vertical Rhythm with Ems and Rems

There are already some tutorials on creating “Vertical Rhythm”, most noticeably by Harry Roberts in his articles Single Direction Margins and Measuring and Sizing UIs and Richard Rutter’s 2006 article Compose to a Vertical Rhythm. In this post I expand on these articles and cover a few different vertical rhythm examples, including gotchas.

Laser Targeting IE with WordPress

Here is a way to finely target IE to your heart’s content in WordPress (but you could easily adapt for plain HTML).

Thoughts on Google Chromebooks

My previous article about Dropbox and MAMP was about hacking around ‘old-style’ thinking where MAMP stubbornly stores SQL databases locally. With the announcement of Google Chromebooks, here is an approach that is the complete opposite. We don’t have to force local data on to the web because all our data lives on the web.