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Dynamic Cachebreaking Solution for Perch CMS

Cachebreaking with Perch! If we’re using a CMS such as Perch, we can create our own simple caching solution using some PHP functions and rewrite rules. This is a great time saver for our build process.

W3 Total Cache for WordPress Users

Finding the HTML5 Boilerplate Build Script hard work? If you use WordPress but you’re not comfortable with the HTML5 Boilerplate Build Script there’s an easier way. In this article we’ll talk about a free plugin called W3 Total Cache.

Publishing Your Build Script WordPress Theme

Getting your head around the Build Script and adapting it for WordPress can take a bit of time, but there’s more! Trying to figure out the best way to publish everything can be a bit of a head-scratcher. Here’s how to do it using FileZilla, a self-contained FTP program, to get things working smoothly.