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About Me

Hi, I'm Jay—a designer who codes, a coder who designs, or a gamer with no time to game anymore. I take pride in attention to detail, art direction, communication, and typography. Sorry about the huge headline at the top of this page. I like it. I'm originally from Wales but I've lived in London for 12 years—so I'm a coffee snob but you can still talk to me on a human level, boyo.

Hobbies, you ask? I don't really cycle recreationally but I have a zippy road bike to take me into London a couple of days a week. Cycling 11 miles takes the same amount of time as travelling by train. This still blows my mind! I arrive at the office feeling smug that I've just had a cardio workout and cheated time.

I've never really cooked for myself and I have terrible frozen-food habits. I'm slowly digging myself out of this hole—I'm now broadly vegan and I'm building a cooking/recipe planner in my spare time. Cooking is so much more enjoyable knowing that I can build a website to help me.

My spare time is split between playing squash, going for the occassional run, experiencing new things, and playing video games with childhood friends who've ended up in different countries.