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GB-Rail was a very satisfying project to work on, in close collaboration with one of my favourite photographers. I enjoyed adding some typographical design elements to this website to give it more of a unique feel.


This website is image heavy so I paid close attention to performance. Pages generally have a Google performance score of 99%, images are ‘lazy’ loaded natively with a fallback, and extra sections load progressively.

Da Silva Design

Celine needed a website to reflect her versatility, presenting herself as a design agency with different offerings. To get around this I crafted a collage of her work, carefully balancing a mix of styles and discipline.

New Homes Consultancy

I designed the branding, business cards, and website for Ian's new venture. This was a brochure-style site with a unique layout which I custom-designed, giving Ian the confidence to approach new customers.

Vegan Match Burger Bar

I helped Alpesh and Kiran launch a Deliveroo-based burger bar. The entire menu is editable along with custom links to their Deliveroo store.

Family Book

Family Book is a personal side project, which grew out of my fascination with my Grandma’s old photo books. I offer a service to fix and retouch old photos, which can then be shared online via a custom website.