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Downloading and Installing an Existing Statamic Site

In this post, I'll walk through downloading and running an existing Statamic repository. This is a handy reference if you've got a new machine, have a fresh install of macOS, or maybe you've inherited a Statamic repository.

Once you've cloned the site into your Sites folder, it's handy to ensure that your project folder has the same name as the domain so valet can run it easily, e.g. for my site—https://jaygeorge.wip—my project folder is called jaygeorge

If you're running valet park on your Sites you should be able to boot up http://yoursitename.wip (or maybe http://yoursitename.test if you haven't changed the default TLD). You can go a step further and run your domain on HTTPS by typing valet secure yoursitename

Installing the Site with Composer

Composer needs to do its thing and install the site. Run the following commands:

  1. composer update

  2. composer install

At this point, you need to ensure you have an environment file since these are not committed to git by default, since every machine will have a slightly different environment. I find the easiest way to add an environment file is like this:

  1. Make sure you have hidden files revealed on macOS. You can do this by using the keyboard shortcut cmd + shift + . in Finder to toggle hidden files.

  2. Duplicate .env.example using cmd + d

  3. Rename the newly duplicated file as just .env

Now you can run the following commands:

php artisan key:generate
php artisan optimize
php please cache:clear
php please stache:refresh