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Recorded Training Sessions

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Quite often people can find their way around a website admin area, but don't fully understand the possibilities, or forget about things because they don't use it often enough.

I'm now going to offer an optional hour of in-person (or Skype!) training for all my web clients, where I will explain not only every aspect of the admin but also video record the whole session.

Don't worry—I'll only record the 'screen' video! But our conversation will also be recorded in audio. So if a client remembers me explaining something cool to them in the session, they can grab the video and scrub through it to watch everything explained again.

I'm thinking of covering:

  • Navigation management

  • Image cropping

  • Showing how the system optimises images, and what to be aware of

  • Basic SEO optimisations to improve your chances of getting people to click through from Google or Bing search results

  • Social media optimisations like Facebook and Twitter previews

  • Understanding the heading hierarchy, and text formatting for SEO

  • Keyboard shortcuts for editing

Just to be clear this would be an extra cost outside the project(!), but still, a cool option to have, I think.