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Using the HTML5 Build Script with WordPress - Part 1 of 2

The idea of the HTML5 Boilerplate is to provide a starting point for future-proof web design. From putting JavaScript at the bottom of the page to using Modernizr, this is a collection of best practices from some notable people in the web industry and we really need to be aware of these basic fundamentals.

However, basic Boilerplate aside my next two videos will specifically focus on the 'Build Script', a feature fully realised in version 1.0 of HTML5 Boilerplate. The idea of the Build Script is to always serve your code compressed, and always get visitors to cache unchanged code. Achieving this will significantly increase the load speed of your website and in future, you'll be forever turning your nose up at other people's YSlow score.

In this video, we'll go through...

  1. Downloading and using the HTML5 Boilerplate Build Script

  2. Using Terminal to run the script


  1. Amusing and informative! Off to part 2 now.

  2. author's avatar says:

    Great video! Quick tip, if you’re starting a new project, instead of copying and pasting the files and then worrying about hidden files (which is a pain if you don’t have something as handy as TotalFinder) you can run the script in the build folder to generate a new project.

  3. author's avatar says:

    Thanks for your tip Jeff!

  4. author's avatar says:

    Thanks for your tip Jeff!

  5. author's avatar Gumballmachine says:

    Please provide some written instructions to compliment your video tutorial.

  6. Not Stella! Haha, lol’d at that. Great tutorial man.

  7. author's avatar says:

    Hey Chris, glad you enjoyed. Please let me know if there’s anything else specific you’d like to see :-).

    Cheers, Jay

  8. Thanks for the quality content. However, some written instructions/notes would be much preferred over the videos, so I can skip through to the relevant bits. Thanks!

  9. author's avatar Chris says:

    Quick root to your local user are is:

    cd ~/location/of/boilerplate/build

  10. author's avatar aendrew says:

    Should be noted that more recent version of H5bp don’t come with a build script.

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