New Homes Consultancy

I designed the branding, business cards, and website for Ian’s new venture. This was a brochure-style site with a unique layout, giving Ian the confidence to approach new customers.

Big Fish Little Fish

It was important for Manjeet to be able to take on the big marketing agencies. What better way to take on the competition, than with a custom designed site with animations and a project area.


I believe it’s better to have a small custom-designed site vs a medium-sized ‘off-the-shelf’ site. I helped launch Macam with custom branding and a single-paged website on a limited budget.

Family Book

Family Book is a personal side project, which grew out of my fascination with my Grandma’s old photo books. I offer a service to fix and retouch old photos, which can then be shared online via a custom website.

Vegan Matcha Burger Bar

I helped Alpesh and Kiran launch a Deliveroo-based burger bar. The entire menu is editable along with custom links to their Deliveroo store.

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