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Recommended Ploi Settings for Statamic

Recommended Ploi Settings for Statamic

Below is a list of recommended settings for a Statamic + Ploi workflow. Since I use a couple of different CMS's with Ploi, I've split these into different sections.

General Ploi Settings

  • Click your avatar (top right) > Profile

    • Settings > Theme mode > Dark —I'm not usually a big dark-mode fan but I like it here

    • Backup configurations > configure these as needed

    • Security > Enable 2FA here

  • Server > Select your server > PHP

    • Manage Extensions (button)

      • Imagick (checkbox)

    • Enable OPcache (button). If we're using Statamic and have the default php7.4-fpm reload command in our deploy script, then we don't need to worry about the warning here

Editing File Backups

If you've spent some time setting up file backups (as above) you can edit or run them manually—but the settings are in a different place. Go to Sites > Your Site > Manage > File Backups


  • Click your avatar (top right) > Profile

    • Integrations

      • Set this up first with whatever service you'd like. Personally I use Google Drive for backups and Telegram for notifications, so I'll include instructions for them below.

    • Notification Channels

      • For Telegram I chose a label of “Telegram” and clicked “Create”

Setting Up Notifications for Sites

Once you've set up this base configuration you'll need to set up notifications on a site basis.

  • Sites > Your Site > Notifications

    • Select your Telegram setup here from the dropdown

Setting Up Server Notifications

  • Servers > Your Server > Monitoring > add a notification for anything over 80%. There's no basis for this number, but it felt like a good point at which I'd like to take action.

    • While you're here, click the channel notification to also send an alert through Telegram if this happens

  • Server > Manage > Automatic update notifications > choose a service to be notified on e.g. Telegram. I tend to set up automatic server updates on a weekly basis here.

Password Protect a Site

I thought it was worth mentioning how to do this since it's a brilliant feature that's not easily discoverable. Password protection is desiable if you're working on a site that is under NDA or if maybe contains confidential information while under development.

To password protect a site go to Sites > Your Site > Manage > Authentication (button)